Night of the Refugee 2021

What 2021 will look like is still uncertain, and we do not yet know exactly what this will mean for the organisation of a large event like the Night of the Refugee. But we do know one thing for sure: this year, we want to walk fixed routes together again!  And because we hope that the measures will be relaxed bit by bit, we will postpone the event once only by just a few months. This year, we will walk in the weekend of 11 and 12 September.

We are going to stage the tough but unforgettable 40-kilometre nightly routes in 6 different cities. 

In every way possible, we will take any governmental advice that is valid now and at that time into account, but in any case we want to make sure that it will be another night to remember!

Except for Tilburg, all routes are full, so from now on we will use a waitinglist. If places become available or we decide to allow more particpants, the people on the waitinglist will be the first to get the chance to register.


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