Help others with another chance =)

Standing € 47,-
Collected € 250 (18%)
Daniel Ushida

( Member of team: GROWTH TRIBE )

(40 KM Haarlem)

Help others with another chance =)

As some of you might know, I support the cause of those who need to flee or leave their country because of war, violence in the countries of origin, corruption and economic and ethnic oppression. 


In the last weeks we’ve been seeing horrendous pictures from what’s happening in Afghanistan and we’ll never be able to forget the images from what happened in Syria a few years ago.


But the truth is that it’s happening everywhere. 


Central America (Nicaragua,El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala), Venezuela, South Sudan, Rohingya in Myanmar, Uygurhs in China, Yemen, Lebanon...


On September 11-12, we will be walking 40km through the night to raise funds for emergency aid for refugees worldwide.

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