Ik loop mee!

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Standing €70,-
Collected €250 (28%)
Izumi Iijima

( Member of team: SAKURA )

(40 KM Den Haag)

Ik loop mee!

On the night of 11 to 12 September Natalia, Gosia and I walk 40 km through the Hague for the Night of the Refugee. We do this to raise money and call attention to all the people worldwide who are fleeing war, conflict, and oppression.

Do you know the number of refugees is the highest ever? It's a shocking truth for me to know that one in a hundred people around the world is fleeing.

We walk only 40 km with enough food, drink, and no fear.  Safe home, family, and friends are waiting for us to come back. It's purely joy for us to walk this 40 km, but the refugees walk leaving everything behind. How unfair. 

We would love it if you could contribute with a donation! We'll walk for the refugee and behalf of you.
So will you help? Any donation, small or big, is appreciated!


Izumi from the Hague

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