Night of the Refugee 2022

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Jack Davies

(40 KM Amsterdam)

Night of the Refugee 2022

No child, woman or man should have to experience the sound of gunfire, the sight of bombs raining down from above, or the fear of a violent death. Not in Ukraine, not in Yemen, not in Ethiopia, not in Myanmar, not in Afghanistan, not in Syria, not in Iraq, not in Nigeria, not in Gaza, not in Somalia.

War anywhere is an abhorrent atrocity, and it is civilians that pay the price in human suffering. Starting at midnight June 18th, I will be walking 40k in support of the Night of the Refugee. After the march, I'll return to my home, but m
illions of people around the world who have been forced to flee in search of safety and security do not have that luxury.

If you would like to support this cause, I ask that you make a donation (preferably between 5-20 euros) to this fund. Thank you!

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