Will you join our Night Panel?

We are looking for new people who want to join our Night Panel! Whenever there are changes or new ideas about the Night of the Refugee, we first like to present these to our Night Panel. This might concern topics like how we organize the Night of the Refugee in times of corona, or about adding other distances and/or routes.

What do we ask of you?

To become part of the Night Panel, you must have participated in the Night of the Refugee at least once. As a member of the panel, you will be approached by us no more than three times a year to give your opinion on matters related to the Night of the Refugee. Contact can take place either through e-mail or by telephone. Initially you will be part of the panel for one year, unless you like to remain a member for a longer period of time of course 😊 

To thank you for your input, you will receive an exclusive goodie bag from us! Co-composed and sponsored by partners of the Night of the Refugee.


Do you know the Night well and would you like to contribute in this way? Register via the button below!

I am joining the Night Panel!


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