We are going all out with the Night of the Refugee 2022!

01-04-2022 | 13:00

We are excited to say things are going great! Not only do the registrations for the Night keep pouring in, the sponsor contributions are also skyrocketing! Together we have already raised over more then a quarter of a million euros for emergency aid for refugees all over the world.  


The Night and corona 

At the press conference on March 15, it was announced that, for the most part, the corona measures will be released. Good news for the Night of the Refugee! This means that testing before access or the coronavirus entry pass will not be necessary to participate. Where possible, we can also allow more participants.   

This year we really want to go all out again! Participants can expect a fun and interesting program at the start of the Night, a grand, joint starting moment together at midnight and a festive welcome at the finish at the end of the routes. 


Announcement routes 

These last months, our route makers have been busy to map out the most amazing routes. And they succeeded! Each and every one of the routes, in and around the cities Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Nijmegen, Tilburg and Rotterdam, is a challenging and fun walk. Sometimes right through the city, but also along meadows or through a forest. Along the way participants will come across resting points, where they can make use of the toilet, drink a cup of coffee or tea or have their blisters treated at the first aid post. Once the routes are finalized, we will post them on the website. 


Routes almost full! 

The routes in Amsterdam are almost full, and the routes in Utrecht and Rotterdam are also going fast. Do you or your team members still have to sign up? Do this quickly to avoid disappointment. 


New social downloads 

Looking for a fun way to let your friends and family know that you are participating in the Night of the Refugee? Check out our brand new social downloads! Share these images easily on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp and let everyone know that you are participating! 



A new promotion! 

To celebrate that a lot is allowed again this year during the Night, we have a new promotion for you. If you have received 25 or more donation, you can claim a cool Hoodie. This promotion runs until Easter weekend, so jump into action now! 

Claim a hoodie! 

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