One more night's sleep!

17-06-2022 | 19:03

Tomorrow the day is finally there: then we will walk the Night of the Refugee together! Do you feel ready to face that tough 20 or 40 kilometer walk? Are you relying on all those training walks you did, or will you do it on willpower alone? Whatever is the case, we truly believe you can do it. In our eyes, you are already heroes!

Thanks to all the generous donations from your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours, we have already collected more than a million euros together. Fantastic! During the Night, this hope this amount will keep growing. So we can raise as much money as possible to help people who have to flee their homes.  

The necessity of the Night

Unfortunately, this emergency aid is still desperately needed. Yesterday, the UNHCR announced the latest figures: 100 million people are currently fleeing war and violence worldwide. A sad record. We are grateful that, together with you, we can walk the Night for them. 

Last things

We just want to mention a few more things to add to (or check off of 😉) your checklist: 

  • Don’t forget to bring something to eat and drink. At all resting points, drinks and sometimes something to eat will be available. But it is always nice to have something with you. 
  • Take a light (torch or a bike light) with you and carry it visibly, so others can see you. 
  • Don't forget to bring your headphones/ear buds and Power bank, so you will not have to miss out on the Night Radio and other experiences during the Night. 
  • It will be warm tomorrow. Despite the fact that the vast majority of our routes take place in the evening and night, we have taken precautions. For example, additional sugary and salty snacks will be available at the rest locations. There is also running water in all resting areas. So take a water bottle! And drink water regularly on the way. 
  • We recommend that you check the weather forecast before you leave your home. If rain is predicted, take a poncho, hat and/or extra shirt with you. 

For these and all other practical matters, please refer to the practical information on our website. Here you can also find the written out routes (note: the routes of Amsterdam and Utrecht have been changed on 15 June). 

Practical information

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