About the Night of the Refugee

The Dutch Refugee Foundation has been organising the Night of the Refugee once a year since 2010. This is a sponsor walk where thousands of participants walk 40 kilometres in the middle of the night in six cities. With this walk, they raise money for emergency aid to refugees worldwide. It is a night full of solidarity, tough kilometres and beautiful encounters.    

Refugee Night 2021 

During the Night of the Refugee 2021, a total of 2,400 people walked 40 kilometres in 6 different cities (Haarlem, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Tilburg). They did not only walk to raise money, but also to show solidarity with the 84 million people worldwide who are on the run. A total of over 965,000 euros was raised, a record amount per participant!  

What are we walking for? 

Each year after the Night, we decide where the euros raised are needed most. With the money from the 2021 edition, we were able to fund a cash emergency project for families in Afghanistan; keep a mobile health clinic running in Iraq; provide medical assistance to the people on the run in Venezuela; and invest in health and nutrition services in violence- and hunger-stricken Burkina Faso.  

Night of the Refugee 2022 

Despite the fact that Covid has its challenges, we are eager to organise the Night of the Refugee again in 2022! 

We plan to map out six 40-kilometre routes that will start and end in the same city: Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Tilburg. Participants will start t midnight.
In the first four cities mentioned, we will also organise a 20 kilometre evening route.
 Participants start on June 18th at 7:00 PM.

Participants do not pay an entry fee, but we do ask for a sponsorship contribution. The target amount for the 40 kilometre route is 250 euro. For the 20 kilometre evening route, the target amount is 100 euro.
We understand that recruiting sponsors can be a challenge. However, it is not our intention to unsubscribe participants if the target amount is not reached. We will try to support you and help you find sponsors. 

Do you need help with your registration? For example because you want to participate with your school or universaty or because you are new to The Netherlands? Send us an e-mail to info@nachtvandevluchteling.nl or send a message to +31623461033

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