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The 11th edition of the Night of the Refugee will take place on Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of June 2020. Whether you want to walk 10, 20, or 40 kilometres, you are facing a tough but unforgettable experience in the Night of the Refugee. What's more, you'll also be helping to collect the highest possible amount for emergency aid to refugees.

We are going live on the 15th of November. Leave your email address and you'll be the first to receive a message once registration opens up. Challenge yourself and join the walk!

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About the Netherlands Refugee Foundation

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation is active worldwide in providing emergency aid to refugees and displaced people (refugees in their own country). From Iraq to Myanmar, and from Syria to South Sudan.

The number of people fleeing from war, violence, and oppression is the highest ever; 70,8 million men, women, and children. 1 in 108 people around the world are actively on the run.

In the event of acute emergency, the Refugee Foundation provides direct aid, including shelter, medical care, food, and clean drinking water. The foundation also provides aid during long-term humanitarian crises, such as medical care or education in refugee camps.

Help with recovery and reconstruction upon return
The Refugee Foundation also provides support in situations where refugees are able to return home. For example, a safe return is sometimes only possible after clearing landmines. Sometimes schools have to be reconstructed, medical facilities restored, or other economic support has to be provided.

Active in almost fifty countries
The Netherlands Refugee Foundation is part of the International Rescue Committee, which is one of the largest and most experienced emergency relief organizations worldwide. Together, we are active in almost fifty countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. 

Thanks to enthusiastic supporters
Thanks to 218,000 involved donors and partners such as the Dutch Postcode Loterij and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Refugee Foundation was able to aid over 884,000 refugees and displaced people in 2018 alone.

The Night of the Refugee has been organized annually since 2010. In 2020, the Refugee Foundation will be organizing the 11th edition.

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