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(40 KM Haarlem)

The number of people fleeing from war, violence, and oppression is at its highest ever: 70,8 million men, women, and children.  


That is 1 in 108 people who are actively on the run away from their homes.  


At Growth Tribe, we believe that data levels all arguments. And as a data-driven company, we just had to take action on those numbers.  


Plus, we like a challenge! Therefore, we are very excited to join this 40km journey through the night and raise money for refugees worldwide.  


By stepping in their shoes for one day, or rather a night, we can come closer to making a difference in their lives. The Growth Tribe team joins as part of our Growth For Good initiative.  


Growth For Good ensures that companies working towards creating a better world can nurture the digital skills they need to accelerate their impact. 


Together we can make a difference. That's why we appreciate any donation you can give, big or small! 


On September 11-12, we will be walking 40km through the night to raise funds for emergency aid for refugees worldwide.

Thank you! 


#NvdV21 #GrowthForGood #GrowthTribe

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