Solidarity with humanity

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Solidarity with humanity

We are walking the Night of the Refugee!

( Chosen by team captain: 40 km route )

(Rotterdam (The Hague))

We are challenging ourselves in walking the Night of the Refugee because the world we live in is cruel. According to the UN refugee agency a staggering 100 million people have been forced to leave their home due to war, famine or climate change related disasters. Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Gaza, and many more. Over 40 million are children... 75 % of these refugees are hosted in low/middle income countries that despite their extreme generosity do not have the means to provide a complete answer to these chalanges. 

We are taking up the challenge of fundraising because we and our excessively materialistic society should return to humbleness and embrace more the values of humanity. The price of our daily coffee could be the price of their daily meal. If we, all the privileged of this world, would give up 1 % of our fun activities, we wouldn't even notice it while, they, the innocent victims of warlords and dement dictators would have a blanket and a place to sleep... and an extra smile on their faces..

We are walking with our friends and colleagues cause we cherish our togetherness spirit and just like in all previous years, the walk will be fun.. The fun of knowing that each step we take, each euro we collect it's another drop in the bucket of hope... Unfortunately, right now we need all drops we can collect. Please, join us, walk with us, help us fill the bucket.

Available activities:

  • 10 km route (0/359 Available)
  • 20 km route (0/520 Available)
  • 40 km route (1/781 Available)
  • Join the 40 km route - resting point 2 (6/46 Available)
  • Join the 40 km route - resting point 3 (6/30 Available)
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