Yes, you will be there on June 17-18! We are very happy that you will walk the Night of the Refugee together with thousands of participants for the first or perhaps the tenth time.
But now you may be thinking: how do I proceed? We are happy to help you with our toolkit.

1. Content package

The content package (downloadable at the bottom of this page) contains general flyers, posters and social media posts to recruit team members. 

2. Sponsor tips

Our sponsor tips will help you on your way! You will also find useful tips on how to adjust your personal or team page and how to share this via Whatsapp or social media.

Sponsor tips

3. Social downloads

Our social downloads are ready-made images that you can use on your social media platform. We also launched a nice filter for Instagram and Facebook!

Social downloads

4. Training tips

Our route makers Monique, Gijs and Bart have put together a number of tips and tricks for you. In addition, a training schedule for the 20 and 40 kilometer route is also available.

Training tips


Content Package Download ZIP
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