19-06-2022 | 09:30

What a Night, what solidarity, and what perseverance! It was even more beautiful than we had dared to dream. We are very proud of all of you! Whether you walked those many kilometers (fairly) easily or had to fight through them. In our eyes, you are all heroes! Even if you could not take part in the Night unexpectedly, because of injuries or other circumstances, know that we still appreciate your effort!  

Together, we really created something beautiful! In the midst of the often negative tone about this topic, we (with as many as 4.000 participants) put forward a powerful, positive sound for all those millions of people who are fleeing war and violence worldwide.  

And: together we collected the amazing amount of 1.2 million euros for emergency aid! For that we are very grateful to you (and your sponsors). Many thanks as well for the pleasant contact and support we have received from many of you over the past (sometimes challenging) months. That means a lot to us! 

Tired, but oh so fulfilled we now look back on a Night of the Refugee that you all have made a true success. Know that all the difficult kilometers, painful blisters and stiffened muscles were not for nothing!   

Our work is not yet done. As long as there are people who have to flee for their lives, we will (hopefully together with you!) continue to stand up for them. But for now, we first close our eyes and enjoy looking back on the most beautiful Night of the year. While we secretly already dream about next year's edition.  

P.S. Take a look at the photo's and aftermovie!

Aftermovie 20 KM

Aftermovie 40 KM



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