The earthquake in Syria & Turkey

14-02-2023 | 17:00

You will not have missed the devastating earthquake that took place in Syria and Turkey last week. Tragic news, that we also want to inform the participants of the Night of the Refugee about.

The situation in Syria and Turkey

The damage from the earthquake and the heavy aftershocks is enormous. Nearly 35,000 people have died – a number that is growing every day. Buildings, schools, hospitals and infrastructure are damaged. Many people are unprotected in the freezing cold. The total impact of the disaster is still incalculable. The earthquake completely destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people.

It is difficult to gain access to the hard-hit northwestern part of Syria, where aid is desperately needed. Many of the affected people have had to flee countless times from the war that has been going on for almost 12 years.

Our emergency aid in Syria

Stichting Vluchteling works with various local partners who have been working in the area for years already, to protect the most vulnerable people against armed conflicts. Since they were already present in northwestern Syria, we were able come into action quickly after the earthquake hit: 

  • With emergency teams we could immediately start clearing debris; 
  • We have started handing out cash to families to buy food and drinks; 
  • We provide financial support to restore destroyed houses. 

We walk the Night of the Refugee to raise money for acute emergency aid in sudden crises such as this one, but also for emergency aid in areas where long-standing, sometimes forgotten conflicts take place. Partly due to the money raised during the Night, we can quickly take action for people in need.  

Together we can make a difference!  

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