Message from our colleagues in Chad!

03-06-2024 | 21:00

This year, one of the projects we are walking for is our drinking water project in Chad, for people fleeing Sudan. Here we provide access to drinking water, build toilets and distribute household items such as jerry cans. 

Our director Tineke and colleagues Kees and Olivier are currently visiting this project. They let us know that at 45 degrees Celsius (!) it is extremely hot. Help is desperately needed for the more than 700,000 Sudanese refugees, who often live in camps on the border.  

Together with our partner Help Chad, we create boreholes to access water sources deep in the ground. Finding water is truly an art, few organizations dare to do it. The ground must be thoroughly researched in advance. The knowledge of the local population is worth gold: they know exactly where the water sources are located. If you hit one, the water spouts out! Such a water source can be used for years. 

Share the image below to bring awareness about this crisis and our help!  

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