A million for emergency aid!

06-06-2024 | 22:15

With just over a week to go, we have already reached the incredible amount of 1 million euros! Really fantastic! We are impressed by your dedication and how you've reached out to sponsors in your network.  

In recent weeks, we have already highlighted two other emergency aid projects that we are walking for. Today, we will tell you more about how we support families in Afghanistan with cash aid. 

When we heard at the end of last year that 1.7 million Afghan refugees from Pakistan would be forcibly sent back to Afghanistan, we immediately took action with our partner PIN, who is present on the ground. 

Together with the local community, a selection had to be made first: which families need the money the most? Single mothers or people with disabilities are at the top of the list. Upon presenting their identification, a cash amount of 140 euros is paid out: enough to get through at least a month. 

Why cash aid? Because not every family needs the same things. Cash aid gives people the freedom and autonomy to buy what their family specifically needs. The money is mainly used for food, but also to go to the doctor, or to buy shoes or household items, for example. 

Thank you for your help to make this project possible! 


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