Celebrating 40years with a 40KM walk to raise money for refugees

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Sabine Bierema - de Kloe

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(40 KM Haarlem)

Celebrating 40years with a 40KM walk to raise money for refugees

In the 25 years that I have known by best friend Nicoline, we have challenged and inspired each other to try out lots of new things. To name a few: We joined the school football/soccer and cross country running teams during high school. I took her snowboarding for the first time (and then she saved me when I broke my shoulder snowboarding!). We started our own singing ensemble at university. We've travelled to the corners of the earth together. We've run several 10KM races together (with or without crazy Santa Claus outfits). Nicoline even convinced me to run a half-marathon in Venice together (full disclosure: I didn't actually run the race in the end, I had to pull out last second because I was pregnant with Luc and my body wasn't having it, but I did run the same distance during training - something I would NEVER have done by myself - and I joined Nicoline in Venice to cheer her on ;-)

Since COVID started, Nicoline got me into this walking-challenge, to go outside for a walk for at least 20 minutes every day. It's become a fierce competition :-D When she approached me about this 40KM challenge I simply couldn't say no. Together we can take on any challenge and make it tons fun whilst we're at it.

I thought it was so fitting, in the year that we both turn 40, to celebrate two of the greatest gifts in life by walking a 40KM walk: our bodies (the greatest tool you will ever own!) and our friendship.

Given the state of the world, I am proud to raise money for refugees around the globe. Let's try, every day, in any small way we can, to make this world a bit better than it was yesterday. Please donate if you can!

# NvdV21


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