Listen to the Night Radio during your Night!

14-06-2022 | 10:53

This year we have a very special debut: The Night Radio! In collaboration with One Day Radio, we will make radio for you during the entire Night. Listen to fresh beats during the tough hours, be inspired by the stories of our Night Ambassadors, hear about the motivation of volunteers and other participants, don't miss out on what is happing on the routes in other cities, hear from employees who spent months working on the Night behind the scenes, and much more.  

Our radio heroes Lars Sorensen and Veronia DJ Ed Struijlaart will be on site in the Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum – from a real train!) to help you through the Night. Together they will take on the challenge of making radio for 16 hours straight.  

The special radio program will start on Saturday 18 June at 17:00 and will end with the 40 KM finish at 9:00 on 19 June. So you will not be bored for a moment during the Night! You can tune in through our website  

During your walk you can also call with the DJ's. Tell other listeners live in the show what you have experienced during your walk so far, encourage other walkers of share your motivation to participate.  

Who will request a song for you?  

From today until Friday 17 June, it is possible for sponsors to request a song for a participant, with a short message. Exciting, because who knows, someone might request a song especially for you! If this is the case, you will receive an SMS message during the Night. 

Friends, family or colleagues can also call the Night Radio, to cheer you on live during the show. How great would it be to unexpectedly get an encouraging phone call during the night?  

So quickly let your (potential) sponsors know about these fun opportunities to support you in your walk, in this last week before the Night of the Refugee! 

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