Night of the Refugee 2022

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Aizza Lee

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Night of the Refugee 2022

We are raising money for acute emergency aid.

At the moment, Ukranians are fleeing their homes en masse because of war and violence. Urgent humanitarian aid is needed, there is a shortage of food, medical care and drinking water. 

The Refugee Foundation has already started supporting regional emergency aid organisations that will provide assistance to refugees in Ukrain and neighboring countries. In the coming period emergency aid, sleeping beds and other items are going to be delivered. In the longer term, the foundation will also support to renovate damaged water supplies in Ukraine, as well as psychosocial support to Ukranians who have experienced trauma. 

The foundation has supported in raising money for acute emergency aid during sudden crises such as this one, but also for emergency aid in areas where long-term conflicts are taking place. In Yemen or Congo, for example, fierce conflicts have been raging for years that have displaced millions of people.

Thanks to your contribution we can take action to help victims of war and conflict.

Thank you very much!

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