Help me, help our refugees!

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Ash Monzer

(40 KM Den Haag)

Help me, help our refugees!

Over the past few years I have been creating fundraisers to help communities in Lebanon who are in need for schooling, medical care and other essentials for living.

This year, I am participating in the Night for the Refugees to help our communities here in the Netherlands. They need our help after fleeing their home countries because of life threatening situations. They need us to help them out.

It is important that any amount donated comes from your hearts and feel the impact you are making in every person's life that comes to this country seeking a better future. Together we can build strong communities, work on better integrtion AND accept these new comers to the Netherlands - With kindness, a smile, a euro, a helping hand. 

Money is a symbol of you caring about these people who need our help. A kind look when you encounter them at the train station, the center of your city, a shoping mall or even in your village! Kindness is priceless and it comes from within.

Nonetheless, I need you to support me this year to help out as much as possible financially. 


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