I am a refugee and will walk for all the refugees in the world!

Standing €77,-
Collected €250 (30%)
Faustine Luell Jr Angeles

( Member of team: Yes Fam South Holland )

(40 KM Den Haag)

I am a refugee and will walk for all the refugees in the world!

Hi everyone!

Most of you already know that I am a refugee living alone here in The Netherlands. This coming 22nd of June I will be celebrating my birthday. I hope you can make my simple wish possible by donating for the benefit of refugees around the world.

This September 11-12th we are joinging the Night of the Refugees. My friends and I are helping raise funds and to show refugees around the world that they are not alone.

I myself donated a little amount that I can for now. This will be a very meaningful birthday gift for me that I will cherish for life.

Thank you!🤗😍😘

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