Walking for Refugees (40km through the Night)

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Jack LoMonaco

(40 KM Den Haag)

Walking for Refugees (40km through the Night)

On September 11-12, I will be walking a 40-kilometer (25-mile) nighttime route through the streets of The Hague on behalf of refugees worldwide!

The number of people fleeing from war, violence, and oppression is the highest ever: 82.4 million men, women, and children. One in one hundred people around the world are actively on the run....with 90% of all refugees being displaced either in their own land or to a neighboring country.

Especially with the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan (where the Netherlands Refugee Foundation has been active since 1989), it is urgent that we take immediate action. Our compassionate and generous response can make the difference between life and death for many innocent victims of war, conflict, and natural disasters throughout the world.

Will you join me in raising funds to provide life-saving emergency aid (i.e. medical care, food, shelter, clean drinking water, and sanitary facilities, etc.) for refugees worldwide?          Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated!

Gratefully Yours,



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