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7 years ago I fled from the tyranny regime in Syria and seeked safety in the Netherlands. I arrived physically back then, but mentaly I'm still on the run. Everyday I cherish the opportunity of a new life that I got and try to make the best out of it and hope for every person that had to forecably leave their home, to find safety and hope in the future again.
I will take on the challenge and join the Night of the Refugee in the weekend of June 18-19th with team New Neighbours, because it is one possible way of providing support for the people who are on the run for their lives!
We, as individuals, can make a change in each other's lives, and it can be as small and valuable as helping provide a bottle of water, a warm blanket or medicine to someone fleeing war and violance! These small contributions mean the world to them.. and it might mean survival!
This year I'm also one of the Night of the Refugee Ambassors in Utrecht, you can sponsor our walk on the link below, maybe together we can provide small bits of support along the way!

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