What is the Night of the Refugee?

The number of global refugees has reached a record high. Over 70 million people are fleeing war and conflict and need aid. Such as food, drinking water, medical care and a roof over their heads. This is the reason why we run the Nacht van de Vluchteling together.

Across 70 conflict areas around the world, someone is forced to flee every 2 seconds. A little over half of the refugees is still a child.

"1 in 108 people globally is on the run"

The number of refugees worldwide is rising for the sixth year in a row.  Conflicts also last longer, 80 percent of the conflicts has been going on for more than five years. 

What are you running for? 
Thanks to your participation in the Nacht van de Vluchteling you can support refugees by acquiring sponsors. The more money you raise, the more help we are able to offer. In 2019 every runner helped no less than 14 refugees on average. We would never be able to provide this aid without your sponsorship. Are you coming along?

Give examples:

Emergency food
Malnourishment is one of the primary causes of death for children in most refugee crises. For 16 euros you'll help a malnourished child with Plumpy' Nut, a high calorie peanut butter that will help them regain their strength over the course of a few weeks.

Medical care
Medical care is desperately needed in crisis zones. Refugees tend to be confronted with all kinds of medical problems. For 28 euros you'll give a person a consult with a doctor and also provide him or her with additional medicines and psychological care.

Clean drinking water 
In order to prevent dehydration and diseases like cholera we provide clean drinking water and proper sanitary facilities. Especially at crowded places, such as refugee camps. You can't live without drinking water! For 54 euros a mother and her two children, escaped from a war or from violence, can make use of clean and safe drinking water for a year.

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