40 KM Nijmegen

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In the night of Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th June, the 40 kilometer route will start and finish at Hubert in Nijmegen. En route there are four rest locations where participants are welcomed by First Aid staff and our volunteers for a cup of coffee or tea.

Rest locations



Below you can find the concept route for the 40 kilometer route in Nijmegen. There may still be (small) changes to this due to, among other things, permit applications and planned work in and around Nijmegen. At the end of May/beginning of June, the route will be final and we will also add a document with the written route that is handy to have at hand while walking. The route is also provided with route signs and arrows. 

> Route via afstandmeten.nl

 (via the button "export" you can export the route to a GPX or KML file) 


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